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Who I Am

International Consultant for Founding Educational Leaders and Schools

Highly accomplished and innovative educational administrator, dedicated to developing systems that
enable students to build the necessary skills for leading productive and fulfilling lives. A transformational leader, whose encompassing fundamental mission, is about education and strategies to lead teachers and motivate students.
A strong liaison amongst community, parents, and constituent leaders, who has the ability to form, lead, and cultivate high-performance teams. Has comprehensive experience working with diverse student populations. Brings strong analytical and communication skills to the dynamic academic environment which requires focused decision-making.

Information session on the Early Years Language and IB curriculum framework.

Leadership &

Teacher Training

We offer smart, innovative, and challenging leadership and teacher training programs that focus on building mindsets and skill sets that enable staff to be  more effective and perform at a high level.


Curriculum & Strategic School Planning 

A strategic plan is worthless if it is so prescriptive and rigid it cannot change to meet changing circumstances.  Let us work with you to determine your school's needs for curriculum growth and strategic planning. We will help you see the big picture- where you are, where you are going and how you are going to get there.  




We build teacher evaluations to rate  and assessing teaching effectiveness. Our teacher performance evaluations help promote a better learning experience for students and foster professional growth for educators.

Current Areas for Training Offered:

  • Dual Language Programs

  • Teacher Performance Appraisal

  • Instructional Rounds

  • Middle level Leadership Training

  • Organizational SWOT analysis

  • School wide self-study writing for upcoming authorization

Staff Meeting
Video Conferencing
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