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Classmates in the Library

Consult Services


Half-day and full-day programs allow your people to dig deeper into the topic and provides more time for group discussion, case studies, practice, and creating action plans.

This format is highly recommended for participants who need to learn new concepts and skills or who are integrating a new approach into their work and leadership. Utilizing proven adult learning techniques, participants get the opportunity to explore how principles are integrated into their work.



Our fee's are based on individual needs and time. Please send a message and we chat set up a time to talk and discuss the needs of your educational organization.




Schools are complex organizations that have many moving parts. 

In order to function effectively, schools must have clear policies and procedures that guide day-to-day processes. Our school policies and procedures should be clear and specific. We can help you create school policies that cover everything from attendance, to student discipline, to emergency procedures. Ask about how we can help refine your policies as your school or organization grows.

Founding Schools



Our service helps you build the infrastructure need with founding a new school. This includes everything from policy manuals for staff, students and human resources to admissions policies. Our speciality is helping you imbed the culture of your new school into your school policies to meet your mission and vision. We can do this remotely or in person. Please connect.

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