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For founding schools & educational leaders

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Welcome to the dynamic and transformative realm of international educational consultation tailored specifically for founding international schools. International schools play a pivotal role in fostering a global perspective and cultivating a diverse learning environment. All founding schools face unique challenges and opportunities, which require expert guidance to navigate the complex landscape of cross-cultural education.

Educational consultation for founding international schools is a strategic partnership aimed at enhancing the quality of education, fostering innovation, and aligning curriculum with the diverse needs of students from around the world. As an international experienced leader in this field, I  bring a wealth of experience, insights, and research-backed strategies that empower schools to excel academically, culturally, and administratively. From leadership and teacher training, curriculum development to intercultural competency and community engagement, I can address the multifaceted aspects of running a successful international school and meet the needs of your founding school.

Journal of Leadership Knowledge 

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"Dr Renata puts student learning and staff well-being as her priorities. She makes it a point to be in the classrooms on a regular basis so that she knows how teaching and learning is taking place and then provides the support needed to ehance student learning and instructional practices." 
- Jeremiah Chua, 
Deputy principal of PYP and PYP Coordinator, IB Consultant. 
"Renata is a supportive school leader who puts student learning and school improvement at the forefront of every decision she makes with her team of distributed leaders, from grade level and subject area leaders in each division, to her team of school principals and assistant principals from early years to high school. " 

- Jacqueline Mallais,

M.Ed., M.A. International Teacher Consultant.

"Dr. McFarland has a breadth of knowledge that literally spans the globe and crosses a variety of methodologies, pedagogies and approaches to learning. It is clear she has remained a student throughout her professional career and is arguably at the apex of experience and expertise that comes from reflective practice, patient observation and skilled trial and error in a field that is traditionally timid to advance new ideas. " 

- Bryant McEntire,

Media Specialist at Buncombe County Schools





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